What You Should Know Before You Have Red Lipstick

Do you remember the starlets in the old movies? From Marilyn Monroe to Grace Kelly. They looked beautiful with their sinful red lips. In those days, women were carefully cared for at all times. Their nose was perfectly powdered and their lips were very red.

Makeup technology was so far from what is available today. But when many modern women wear red lipstick, they look tough, garnished or clownish instead of as sensual as they really should be. Add on red blusher made for heavy hand and they look like a bunch of clowns. What are they doing wrong.

How Can You Wear Red Makeup And Look Even More Gorgeous

By the way, when I talk about red makeup, I mean red lipstick and blusher. Some women may even get away with coral eye shadow and see even more stunning for it. I remember a Venetian frog universe that looked absolutely stunning with a red dress and red makeup. Even the eye shadow was coral.

In fact, red lips are considered beautiful across cultures throughout history. Geishas painted small bright red lips on their faces. Victorian beauty blushed beautifully and looked so pretty with their red lips, was rescued by biting them before meeting the guys they fancy. Who can forget Snow White.

Hair as black as ebony, skin as white as snow and lips as red as blood, hence her name, Snow White. The invention of red lipstick lets any woman have the classic red lips if she dares.

Do You Need A Fire Engine Red Lipstick

There are a few tricks to note when putting on really red lips. The golden rule is to highlight either the eyes or the lips. Not both at the same time. When you have bold red lipstick and heavy eyeliner, with dark, smoky eye makeup and false eyelashes, with low minidress, you will look more dull than attractive. The trick is to play up a feature. In this approach, the lips lip.

Another thing to note is the red color you use. If you have warm skin tone, go for coral red lipstick or an orange red lipstick. A coral or orange red blush would also look wonderful on you, provided you apply it with a very light hand. In today’s pure colors, you can use colors that look very strong in the palette, but act as a transparent flush on your skin for a very flattering result.

If you have cool skin tones, go for a real red lipstick or a red lipstick with blue undertones. These are your best reds. Choose a similar shade for your blush.

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