10 Years Younger Through Fashion Trends

10 Years Younger Through Fashion Trends – Let us go back to the Red Palm Villas years where there were still ancient times where clothes and fashion did not exist and had not been found in this world. How does it feel to live in such times huh? Without clothes it will be very uncomfortable, right?

Going back to the 80s, the big theme of autumn fashion was one of the biggest and most popular trends of the time. A number of fashion designers decided to bring the spirit of that era into their respective collections. Miuccia Prada for the Miu Miu brand. However, ’80s interpretations didn’t always lead to a disco glam style. Miuccia chose something more modern and youthful for this season.

Types of trends that are part of the collection

With various types of trend collections in fashion, it can help you look more perfect and be able to attract the attention of others. It could also happen that you can look 10 years younger than your age. It’s interesting that the fashion in this world.

However, there are 3 trends in Miu Miu’s collection:

  • Playful Collar

Forget the plain collar model that is usually used for conventional shirts. Miuccia Prada plays with a bigger collar, more colorful colors, and busier motifs. Don’t teenage girls wear more colors than adults?

  • Smells Like Teen Spirit

Tartan was better known in the 90s because of Kurt Cobain’s phenomenal style, but that doesn’t mean Miu Miu’s 80s style shouldn’t take on that spirit. The result? We can smell like teen spirit, Fimelova.

  • Childhood Blouse

A childhood blouse or dress always comes with a puffed silhouette and feminine lace. Therefore, the clothes that use the silhouette always succeed in making the wearer look younger. Do not believe? Please try and wait for the reaction of friends who say “you look so young!”

So that’s the kind of collection trend from Miu – Miu that you should try, because this will take you to a time that will look younger than now.

Black Color Is More Favorite In The Fashion World

This shows that collecting black fashion is perfect for people who live in countries with tropical climates. This season is a celebration for women in Asia. This collection is generally very wearable, a little bit towards summer but also into winter. Be in the middle of both. We would like to call it as a summer style with a twist.

There are several designers who have issued this black fashion collection. Starting from Chanel, Victoria Beckham, Alexander Wang and Calvin Klein. Of the 4 designers, this is a very well-known platform and already has thousands of other products in the world.

However, they always prioritize urban women’s dress styles through bold and classic silhouettes so that they will look perfect in the eyes of people.

As you know, black is a color that can attract people’s attention and can provide a very sharp and thick aura for lovers of this color.

Red Color Present Chinese Nuance

At the end of the opening party for the exhibition “China: Through The Looking Glass” at the Metropolitan Museum of Art, there are still so many things that it would be a shame if not discussed. This trend also refers to what we should wear in the future, which is more towards Asian culture which is thick with red colors like Chinese holidays in general.

There are two most dominant trends that celebrities choose to present a Chinese atmosphere, namely red and accent motifs.

Red is indeed synonymous with Chinese culture and symbolizes joy and prosperity. If you’re confused by this year’s dress code, celebrity stylists can immediately point to red for their clients without having to bother thinking about other details. After all, that one color alone is enough to represent Chinese culture.

In addition, China is also inseparable from the carvings that we often see on antique jars or on the robes of emperors, empresses and royal princesses from various dynasties in the past. It can be in the form of abstract carvings, dragons, flowers, and so on.

Rely on these 3 fashion items

As you know, there is such a thing as a fashion week which is always a field of inspiration in finding the latest styles of fashion. That way it can help your stylish style be updated. So it’s inspiration to dress to get through 7 days a week, maybe, so it’s not boring.

  • Gucci T-shirt

Everywhere Gucci. This favorite brand of street style celebrities and stars is clearly taking over the power of the street style trend. This simple white t-shirt with the retro Gucci logo is indeed effortlessly chic. Because it’s only a t-shirt, it’s easy to combine it with brightly colored bags, colorful scarves, trendy track pants, and red pumps.

  • Shiny Red

Bold colors like red appear more fierce in the form of PVC leather. Pants, skirts, to shiny red outerwear adorn the streets of New York. Even the red-red blend looks more powerful. Very stand out and prove this classic color is crazy this season.

  • Pink Outer

Adjacent (even to coincide) with Valentine’s Day, pink which is indeed often found on the runway dominates the outerwear of street style stars. From blush to bold, pink seems to give off a warm impression in the cold New York weather. It fits into the moment of Valentine’s Day.

So that’s how our discussion this time is related to fashion that is able to attract attention and can even make you younger and will look 10 years younger than now in the eyes of others. To get various types of fashion, it is very easy in this era of sophisticated technology. You can find him on various sites on the internet. The more references you get, the more fashion trends you can get.

Who is not attracted to a younger appearance? This is usually very liked by women, of course. So hopefully this article can be helpful and useful for those of you who are looking for trends about fashion in this world that you can use in your everyday clothes.

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