10 Years Younger Through Fashion Trends


10 Years Younger Through Fashion Trends – Let us go back to the Red Palm Villas years where there were still ancient times where clothes and fashion did not exist and had not been found in this world. How does it feel to live in such times huh? Without clothes it will be very uncomfortable, right?

Going back to the 80s, the big theme of autumn fashion was one of the biggest and most popular trends of the time. A number of fashion designers decided to bring the spirit of that era into their respective collections. Miuccia Prada for the Miu Miu brand. However, ’80s interpretations didn’t always lead to a disco glam style. Miuccia chose something more modern and youthful for this season.

Types of trends that are part of the collection

With various types of trend collections in fashion, it can help you look more perfect and be able to attract the attention of others. It could also happen that you can look 10 years younger than your age. It’s interesting that the fashion in this world.

However, there are 3 trends in Miu Miu’s collection:

  • Playful Collar

Forget the plain collar model that is usually used for conventional shirts. Miuccia Prada plays with a bigger collar, more colorful colors, and busier motifs. Don’t teenage girls wear more colors than adults?

  • Smells Like Teen Spirit

Tartan was better known in the 90s because of Kurt Cobain’s phenomenal style, but that doesn’t mean Miu Miu’s 80s style shouldn’t take on that spirit. The result? We can smell like teen spirit, Fimelova.

  • Childhood Blouse

A childhood blouse or dress always comes with a puffed silhouette and feminine lace. Therefore, the clothes that use the silhouette always succeed in making the wearer look younger. Do not believe? Please try and wait for the reaction of friends who say “you look so young!”

So that’s the kind of collection trend from Miu – Miu that you should try, because this will take you to a time that will look younger than now.

Black Color Is More Favorite In The Fashion World

This shows that collecting black fashion is perfect for people who live in countries with tropical climates. This season is a celebration for women in Asia. This collection is generally very wearable, a little bit towards summer but also into winter. Be in the middle of both. We would like to call it as a summer style with a twist.

There are several designers who have issued this black fashion collection. Starting from Chanel, Victoria Beckham, Alexander Wang and Calvin Klein. Of the 4 designers, this is a very well-known platform and already has thousands of other products in the world.

However, they always prioritize urban women’s dress styles through bold and classic silhouettes so that they will look perfect in the eyes of people.

As you know, black is a color that can attract people’s attention and can provide a very sharp and thick aura for lovers of this color.

Red Color Present Chinese Nuance

At the end of the opening party for the exhibition “China: Through The Looking Glass” at the Metropolitan Museum of Art, there are still so many things that it would be a shame if not discussed. This trend also refers to what we should wear in the future, which is more towards Asian culture which is thick with red colors like Chinese holidays in general.

There are two most dominant trends that celebrities choose to present a Chinese atmosphere, namely red and accent motifs.

Red is indeed synonymous with Chinese culture and symbolizes joy and prosperity. If you’re confused by this year’s dress code, celebrity stylists can immediately point to red for their clients without having to bother thinking about other details. After all, that one color alone is enough to represent Chinese culture.

In addition, China is also inseparable from the carvings that we often see on antique jars or on the robes of emperors, empresses and royal princesses from various dynasties in the past. It can be in the form of abstract carvings, dragons, flowers, and so on.

Rely on these 3 fashion items

As you know, there is such a thing as a fashion week which is always a field of inspiration in finding the latest styles of fashion. That way it can help your stylish style be updated. So it’s inspiration to dress to get through 7 days a week, maybe, so it’s not boring.

  • Gucci T-shirt

Everywhere Gucci. This favorite brand of street style celebrities and stars is clearly taking over the power of the street style trend. This simple white t-shirt with the retro Gucci logo is indeed effortlessly chic. Because it’s only a t-shirt, it’s easy to combine it with brightly colored bags, colorful scarves, trendy track pants, and red pumps.

  • Shiny Red

Bold colors like red appear more fierce in the form of PVC leather. Pants, skirts, to shiny red outerwear adorn the streets of New York. Even the red-red blend looks more powerful. Very stand out and prove this classic color is crazy this season.

  • Pink Outer

Adjacent (even to coincide) with Valentine’s Day, pink which is indeed often found on the runway dominates the outerwear of street style stars. From blush to bold, pink seems to give off a warm impression in the cold New York weather. It fits into the moment of Valentine’s Day.

So that’s how our discussion this time is related to fashion that is able to attract attention and can even make you younger and will look 10 years younger than now in the eyes of others. To get various types of fashion, it is very easy in this era of sophisticated technology. You can find him on various sites on the internet. The more references you get, the more fashion trends you can get.

Who is not attracted to a younger appearance? This is usually very liked by women, of course. So hopefully this article can be helpful and useful for those of you who are looking for trends about fashion in this world that you can use in your everyday clothes.

How To Look For A Fake Chloe Bag


Chloe is a popular handbag label. They remain a leading fashion designer who pumps out high quality handbags consistently. And unlike other brands like Coach and Dooney & Bourke, Chloe has not started outsourcing their production to China. Chloe continues to produce most of their handbags in Italy. And because they remain a high-end label, there are obviously many counterfeit Chloe bags on the market. But with a few simple tips, a shopper can avoid many of the fake Chloe bags that saturate the viral marketplace.

An important note to remember is that Chloe does not wholesale, or sell factory seconds. Beware of any seller who claims that the low price is due to a wholesale program etc. Most authentic discount Chloe bags online will generally be pre-owned handbags.

Because counterfeiters will use cheaper materials in their handbags, metal accents and hardware are great places to look for authenticity points. Cheaper metals are generally lighter than the higher quality brass that Chloe utilizes. And a fake Chloe Paddington bag generally shows hardware that is lighter compared to an authentic bag. The padlock on an authentic Chloe Paddy should e.g.

Roads around a pound. In many cases, the fake Chloe bags will have a padlock that weighs less. But in case a fake handbag has the correct weight, (so that hardware is excluded based on weight alone), there will be other clues to look for. A strong hint in this situation relates to quality and detail. Quality and detail are two points that are universal for all top designer handbags.

One of those quality details to look for in a fake piece of Chloe hardware is the color. An authentic Chloe handbag uses the so-called aged brass (matte finish). Therefore, many fake handbags will often show a shiny gold as superficial plating. This is generally a sign that a cheaper metal is used instead of the higher quality in brass. Therefore, always check the weight of the machine and the appearance and quality of the color of the hardware.

Another area that works with hardware is leather. Authentic Chloe leather, which is generally calfskin, is extremely textured and soft. In comparison, fake clothes will be stiff and the textures look less natural.

This means that when the authentic, soft leather is combined with the hard hardware, the Chloe handbag must collapse when it sits on its own. On Paddington bags, the padlock acts as an anchor and pulls the bag down. However, fake Chloe bags will tend to stand on their own due to the lightweight hardware and the stiff leather.

What You Should Know Before You Have Red Lipstick


Do you remember the starlets in the old movies? From Marilyn Monroe to Grace Kelly. They looked beautiful with their sinful red lips. In those days, women were carefully cared for at all times. Their nose was perfectly powdered and their lips were very red.

Makeup technology was so far from what is available today. But when many modern women wear red lipstick, they look tough, garnished or clownish instead of as sensual as they really should be. Add on red blusher made for heavy hand and they look like a bunch of clowns. What are they doing wrong.

How Can You Wear Red Makeup And Look Even More Gorgeous

By the way, when I talk about red makeup, I mean red lipstick and blusher. Some women may even get away with coral eye shadow and see even more stunning for it. I remember a Venetian frog universe that looked absolutely stunning with a red dress and red makeup. Even the eye shadow was coral.

In fact, red lips are considered beautiful across cultures throughout history. Geishas painted small bright red lips on their faces. Victorian beauty blushed beautifully and looked so pretty with their red lips, was rescued by biting them before meeting the guys they fancy. Who can forget Snow White.

Hair as black as ebony, skin as white as snow and lips as red as blood, hence her name, Snow White. The invention of red lipstick lets any woman have the classic red lips if she dares.

Do You Need A Fire Engine Red Lipstick

There are a few tricks to note when putting on really red lips. The golden rule is to highlight either the eyes or the lips. Not both at the same time. When you have bold red lipstick and heavy eyeliner, with dark, smoky eye makeup and false eyelashes, with low minidress, you will look more dull than attractive. The trick is to play up a feature. In this approach, the lips lip.

Another thing to note is the red color you use. If you have warm skin tone, go for coral red lipstick or an orange red lipstick. A coral or orange red blush would also look wonderful on you, provided you apply it with a very light hand. In today’s pure colors, you can use colors that look very strong in the palette, but act as a transparent flush on your skin for a very flattering result.

If you have cool skin tones, go for a real red lipstick or a red lipstick with blue undertones. These are your best reds. Choose a similar shade for your blush.

Top Five Ways To Have A Cheap Wedding Dress


As a lady, you all dream of having the big white wedding. Every woman around the world wants to be pampered to bits on the day of her wedding, and the most important thing for the soon to be married woman is the wedding dress. Many women all go out when it comes to their wedding dresses online and some even buy two wedding dresses for day and night.

Unfortunately, this is not the case for most women. You need to choose a dress and the dress you choose will be your wedding dress and the dress that everyone will remember. Even if it does not mean that you have to go all out when it comes to wedding dress, if you need it, you can opt for a cheap wedding dress. Many women just choose a dress for their wedding dress. In fact, many more women do not have a choice to choose more than one.

There is no need to have a crazy wedding dress just because it is a cheap wedding dress. You can get in the way of designing your dress yourself. It will give it a unique taste, your taste. You need to do research and it is always recommended.

The second is to just start drawing and you will be amazed at what comes out. You then need to cross reference your designs with designs on the internet. You get some great ideas there, then you need to figure out what fabric to use.

The other one has just started drawing and you will be amazed at what comes out. You should then cross refer your designs with designs on the internet by searching for “cheap prom dresses”. You get some great ideas from Missydresses , you can also find various local stores. So you want to find out which drug you need.

For the fourth step, you need to find someone to put it together, but if you were smart enough, you would have someone with you all the way, so when it comes to actually putting together the dress, the dressmaker is all Clued up.

The last way to get a cheap wedding dress is to design your prom dress that you could have used in high school and if it still suits you. Get some loose fabrics and get really creative. You will never know what kind of beautiful design you will get!

Jimmy Choo Shoes – Perfect For Brides


Being a bride Means the second chapter of a woman’s life. This is where having a family starts, a wedding, couple share intimate moment sharing a day with God’s blessings. Groom attire might be simple, but for a woman who wants to go down the island, it’s more To be the most beautiful woman on this particular day.

Women dream two have a perfect, one of a kind wedding and go down the island with here lovely wedding dress, accessories, makeup and of course here wedding shoes. Aside from preparing for the wedding and thinking about what she wants to wear, the bride is also excited about what shoes she will be wearing. Jimmy Choo shoes are highly recommended by many women because for them, this shoe is one of the requirements to become the center of attraction for the special day.

But why should women choose Jimmy Choo shoes more than any other shoe for their weddings? Based on style and elegance, these shoes are extremely fashionable. Pure white or ivory in three inches of heels, these are mostly the type of wedding shoes Choos may have to sacrifice. Three inches heels ice project designed to make the bride look tall, slim and sexy at her best. Some of the shoes also come with accessories similar to belts or gemstones found across the ankle. The materials are made of leather with silk and satin.

The quality of Jimmy Choo wedding shoes can also be seen on the heels. Comparing two other designer shoes, SELV chooses its own brand to make the heels shiny, thin and smooth making it the elegance simplicity and the exquisite craft wood extremely feminine. Shoes from Choo are really special It could complete your wedding attire in the most special day of your life. At a price of $ 500, it’s worth spending the wedding and making it more special that ever with style When it comes to the aisle and spend the day on your happiest day with special someone.

Two women who are planning two get married this year or year two come think thats a wedding is your most special day. Get a costume, put that makeup on and grab your Jimmy picks two make you wedding add extra special

Things To Remember About Wearing Women’s Jumpsuits


1980s fashion was marked by women’s jumpsuits and rompers. It was very common to wear these dresses casually as well as on formal occasions. But as time went on, fashioned developed and jumpsuits became temporarily less popular. In the last few years, however, they have come back with a bang! Thanks to some modern designers committed to recreating 80s fashion trends, women’s jumpsuits are now becoming a common favorite again. In fact, the best part is that these are just as popular among young girls and older women.

Many people think of casual denim rompers when they think of jumpsuits. But these can actually be great for formal occasions, provided you have them the right way. For example, you can go for a suit with a uniform print. 

You can then wear this with formal heels and a jacket! While you might think that a jacket does not go well with a jumpsuit for women, it can actually be a good combination. Make sure you go for a formal jacket or jacket in a subtle color. Do not bring spring colors in jumpsuits. Remember that this style is ideal when adopted in a formal, elegant and feminine way.

Second, remember that you are not going overboard with 80s fashion. For example, when going for rustic prints that are absolutely stunning, you should avoid typical styles like pinstripes. In fact, a pinstriped jumpsuit is probably one of the worst styles you can go for. Unless you can make it work, you better leave the stripes alone and go for a more elegant style.

One thing to keep in mind about jumpsuits is the fabric. Yes, the fabric means just as much as the style of the dress. This is because the style of dress and fabric go hand in hand. If one goes wrong, it can completely ruin the other. For example, while cotton is a good fabric, it may not be ideal if your costume has a draping neckline. 

In such a case, go for materials like satin, which will give off a more fluid and elegant look. Also another tip you should keep in mind is to leave the overall look as it should be. While we all want to bring some innovations in older styles, jumpsuits look their best when worn the typical way. Therefore, avoid mixing them with ideas like tights or shorts. Nothing beats a suitably tailored formal ladies jumpsuit!